Katy Clark
Taking Your Online Date To A Holiday Party?
It’s my favorite time of the year; the dating scene in California is starting to warm up and the weather outside hits a chilly 70 degrees! Then, suddenly, you start to notice the same repeating phrase at the bottom of everyones Tinder Profile, “I need a date to my office party”. Nothing says, “swipe right”...
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To Text or Not to Text? That is the Question.
In this year of 2016 “To Text or Not to Text” is truly the proverbial question.  With the way technology is moving, and the speed of communication, is it fair to like text as a way of getting to know people, starting, building and ending dating relationships? Of course, all will have their own answers...
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How Much Is Too Much When It Comes To Relationships?
When it comes to relationships we all draw our line in the sand at different places, I’ve known men who have told me that if a girl makes plans for the weekend without telling them first that’s enough to give her the ax. Why? Because it implies familiarity and to them, it meant that she...
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Should You Ditch a Bad Date?
We’ve all been there: a promising first date is crashing and burning right before your eyes and you can’t decide if you have it in you to sit through the rest of the meal. If you’re not feeling it or the guy you’re with is just plain weird, how do you know when or if...
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