Katy Clark

A mother of three and as proclaimed by the LA Times, “Jane of all trades"
Katy Clark

Katy Clark

Dating Coach & Matchmaker

Katy Clark is also well known celebrity food, fitness and wellness expert. She won over viewers of Food Network Star, season 7 with her vivacious personality, healthy outlook on food and nutrition, and exercise. A mother of three and as proclaimed by the LA Times, “Jane of all trades,” Katy has owned and operated an award winning restaurant in China, held the title of Mrs. Long Beach 2011, founded a kids cooking program and finished her first marathon in 3rd place with a time of 3:07. Katy is SHAPE Magazine’s American’s 50 Hottest Trainers 2014 and is highlighted in the February and April People Style Watch Magazine ad as the Ryka Women’s Fitness Ambassador. She is an audio Coach with Pear Sports, having the most downloaded app workout FAB ABS and LEAN AND MEAN. After becoming single again, Katy took a major interest in fashion and style and decided to pursue that part of her life while working for Michael Kors.

With her motivational book called Seven Steps to Sexy on the way, you are going to benefit from all her positive words of encouragement!! She is a sought after speaker because of her great energy and her passion for food, fitness, fashion and of course, dating!!

  • Have you always lacked but wanted the confidence to be able to get out there and meet new people?
  • Do you want to be able to approach someone without feeling nervous and having to resort to a cheesy line?
  • Do you feel like the fun, smart, and intelligent person you are isn’t coming across correctly and wish that your outside image matched what’s inside?
  • Do you know that your heart is in the right place but you’re afraid that you come across as dorky, pushy, or clingy?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to actually be the one that gets to go home with that hot guy or girl at the bar?


Call Your Coach
    Let’s talk about how your dating life is going and get real, practical advice on what is you next strategic move!
  • Four 30 Minute Calls
  • Date Strategy
  • Practical advice


Make A Move!
    Half day session that dives into your current dating situation and where you want it to go. We will assess your current flow and take the next steps to get you into the groove.
  • Half Day Session
  • Four 30 Minute Calls
  • Date Strategy
  • Practical advice


Let us set you up!
    For those that need a refresher so they can be the confident one in the room.
  • Let us set you up on a date with someone special
  • Half Day Session
  • Four 30 Minute Calls
  • Date Strategy
  • Practical advice


Just like an amazing job or anything else in life it’s real hard work and love just isn’t going to waltz up to your front door and knock. We here at Cinqe all strongly share the belief that you have to work for what you want and that in wanting there is receiving.

Our Dating Coach is here to help you find your way to success in your love life while keeping it loose and fun!

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Spending time together IN PERSON will empower you and give you the tools to:

Go on fewer dates and meet more quality matches.

Feel confident that you are in control of your dating life again.

Understand how to dress for confidence.