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What is Cinqe?

Cinqe (pronounced sync) began in 2012 and have based the moral of our company on our team’s extensive vetted network of singles, experience, relationship wisdom, and our passion in leading people to happy, long-lasting relationships. Cinqe is an old-fashioned boutique matchmaking firm who will work side by side with you to achieve your relationship goals. We meet each one of our clients face-to-face before we make any introductions (we have over an 80% matching success rate). During our one-on-ones, we get down to the nitty-gritty of your dating history and dating patterns to help launch you on a successful path to finding love. Cinqe’s sexy, professional and down-to-earth approach to matchmaking has earned its place among the most elite of modern matchmaking companies.

We do the cinqe’ing, you do the dating.