Learn More About Cinqe Matchmaking

What does Cinqe mean?

Cinqe (pronounced ”sync”) is a premier matchmaking service emphasizing chemistry, compassion and compatibility in “Cinqe-ing” people together.

What ​Does ​Cinqe ​Do?

Cinqe is an old-fashioned boutique matchmaking firm who will work side by side with you to achieve your relationship goals. We meet each one of our clients before we make any introductions, and we currently offer 4 services:

  • Old-Fashioned Matchmaking
    • This is our core: we’re committed to doing things the traditional way with dating. This involves getting to know each prospect and client in person, open availability, and dating consultation. You have two options:
  • ■ Join our network at no cost
    ■ Become a paying client

  • Online Profile Reviewing
    • We take a thorough look at your dating profile and offer tips and suggestions
  • Date-Coaching
    • These weekly sessions will dive into your current dating life and help guide you in the direction you want your love life to go.
  • Image Consulting
    • We take you shopping to make you feel confident about your look
  • ■ This is included in most paying client contracts

What Is The Difference Between Joining Our Network And Being A Paying Client?

A Paying Client is someone for whom we actively search to find matches. Paying Clients have guaranteed dates.
By joining our network, you are added to our online pool of whom we match with our Paying Clients. There is no cost. Those who join our network are only contacted if we believe they would be a good match for a current paying client. We encourage anyone who lives in the United States, Canada or London (or someone who would like to date in these areas), between the ages of 25 and 80, of any race and religion to join our network for us to potentially match with Paying Clients.

How Does This Work When I Join Your Complimentary Network?

As a member of our network, you will only be contacted if we believe you would be a great fit with one or more of our existing Paying Clients. We welcome people in the US and Canada ages 25-80, of all races and religions to create a free profile and join our network today. Here’s how the joining the network process works:

  • Join our Network – Fill out our internal form on our site.
  • We review every profile and take into account your deal breakers. If we feel you are a fit for our typical paying clients, we will email or call you to set up a time to meet with us. This is by invitation only.
  • After we have met you, we will send you a full profile on a client. If you agree to be introduced, we then send your profile to the client. This will be the first time they will see your information. We do not share any of your information without prior consent. Please understand that this does not always guarantee a date. The client needs to accept the date as well. When the client has accepted, we will contact you again to let you know the details.
  • Go on your date – Text or call us after and let us know how it went! This helps us improve your matches in the future and lets us know what works for you and what doesn’t. That’s the true benefit of personalized matchmaking.

How Does This Work As A Paying Client?

As a Paying Client, our team will actively search to find your perfect match. We take your investment in us very seriously, and we in turn try our best to connect you with singles that are ideally what you’re searching for. How it works:

  • A phone screening to see if you qualify to become a client
  • After you pass the initial pre-screening, we set up a time for you to meet our team
  • We place you with a matchmaker who best suits you

Usually at our meeting, we review your past relationships and plans for the future. At this meeting, we have matches in mind we like to describe to you to ensure we have the network and are on the same page to properly match you. After the contract is signed:

  • We begin sending you matches who are excited to meet you
  • We work with your schedule to let you know a time to call your match and share the details on the date (location, parking, etc).
  • We like to set up the first date to make sure your questions are answered and you’re ready
  • After the date we share crucial feedback
  • From that information, we can properly present you with your next match. This is the true benefit of matchmaking. We are not a dating service; matchmaking happens when we take the information from those dates and bring you matches who are better suited for you each time.

How Are We Qualified?

Our Matchmakers have all played relationship therapist to friends and family and we have a niche for reading people and understanding what they’re seeking in a romantic relationship. A few other ways we are qualified:

  • Our Own Dating Lives
    • Through self-reflections within our own dating lives, we were able to research ways and tools about relationships. During that discovery, our team became knowledgeable in our skills to confidently guide others through their dating experiences.
  • Massive Network Of People
    • With our connecting skills, our network is continuously enlarging all day, everyday. Our personal network is comprised of over 50 thousand people and counting.
  • Substantial Network Of The Best In The Business
    • Through meeting other certified matchmakers, speakers, and those in similar industries, we are a part of a wide-ranging network made up of top-quality people.
  • We are Certified
    • In addition to having been certified through the Matchmaking Institute, we’ve been personally trained by those most superior in this industry including Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger.

What are Cinqe’s Differentiators?

  • Around the clock availability
    • 90% of our clients are business owners and being available during night hours and weekends is very much needed and appreciated by them.
  • Experience
    • We’ve been in this industry since 2012, and we make 100s of new connections every week.
      Our team belongs to a huge chain of veteran matchmakers as well as relationship therapists and counselors whom we’ve worked with in the past and who have trained us in being able to answer those tough questions.
  • Reach
    • Our team has a combined reach of over 100k people and growing within our network alone! This doesn’t include the thousands of vetted singles in our company database.
  • Certified
    • We take our matchmaking services very seriously and want to ensure that is understood by potential clients. Not only have we been officially certified, we have been trained, observed, and have had our matchmaking abilities put to the test numerous times. We’re happy to say that whether a prospect decides to sign with us or not, they are always impressed with our professionalism.

What are the average ages of your members?

Women are usually between the ages of 25-80 and our typical males are 32-80.

Is High-End Matchmaking A Good Avenue For Me?

Our service is not for everyone. When you become a paying client of a high-end matchmaker, you must be serious about your dating future and be prepared to trust our certified team.
If you know that you are looking for a long-term relationship that would ultimately lead to marriage or last the rest of your life, Cinqe’s massive vetted network of singles would be a great fit for you. You are more than a few profile pictures and a few basic questions. We want to get to know you on a deeper level to make sure we match you with the best of our clientele.

When Should You Hire A Matchmaker?

Once you make the choice to work with a matchmaker, this should mean you are fully committed to finding the perfect life partner. Our advice is to be 100% honest with yourself and ask the following questions:

  • Am I completely unsatisfied with online dating?
  • Am I too busy to dedicate time to seek a partner?
  • Am I willing to be open to advice and suggestions regarding my dating history?
  • Am I 100% willing to invest in a Certified Matchmaking Company to find love for me?

3 Major Reasons Why We’re Hired

Reason One (and the most common) : We understand that life gets busy. However, just because you’re a busy individual does not mean you don’t want someone to share your life
with. You are very successful in your professional life and you want that to correlate with your dating life. You outsource most aspects of your life to professionals: chefs, personal shoppers, personal assistants, and you want to ensure your personal life is in the best hands possible.
Some of our clients are among the wealthiest people in the metroplex, and they want to hire the most
elite service out there to ensure they have the best success. With an over 80% success rate, official certification, extensive training and massive network, we are the choice that best fits that criteria.

Reason Two: When you know what you’re looking for is difficult to find, i.e. “Oh, you cannot find what I’m looking for. I am the pickiest person alive and you will never find my match” (we hear this monologue on a daily basis), it’s expected that you’d be skeptical about trusting matchmakers to have success finding that person. Lucky for you, finding difficult matches is our specialty. We hunt down, to the T, what you’re primarily looking for and who is also looking for someone like you. Below are a few example clients we’ve had the pleasure of taking on who had very particular match preferences:

  • 29 year old female Business Owner seeking to date anywhere in the US. Match must be:
    attractive, 30-35, 6-6”3, with a net-worth of over 100 million.
  • 66 year old male, non-drinker, separated for 12 years, seeking a woman in her 40s who has blonde hair and is located within 10 miles of him.
  • 70 year old male, 5”4, seeking companionship
  • 65 year old BBW celebrity seeking companionship
  • 55 year old female executive, seeking to date black men ages 45-56, with an income of at least
    500k a year.
  • 55 year old female celebrity seeking to date men with full-head of hair, at least 6”2, has grown children, ages 45-55, and has an income of at least 400k a year.
  • 23 year old introverted tech CEO seeking Ivy League educated women within 20 miles of his office.
  • 49 year old female doctor seeking a partner who wants to have children

Reason Three: You have anxieties about dating. No matter what you do, you cannot seem to get to a second date. When you’re on a date, you struggle with what to say or do, you aren’t sure what to text, how soon to text prior to or following the date, if you should pick up your date, what to wear on a date, if you should kiss your date, the list is endless. One of Cinqe’s defining factors is our 24/7 availability that is crucial for singles who need coaching and last minute advice and support.

We are Certified Matchmakers

We like to stress our certification to be as transparent as possible with our prospective clients and current clients. Each one of us have undergone extensive training and have been awarded official certification by the Matchmaking Institute. As matchmakers who hold certification, we are expected to always comply with the high matchmaking standards, procedures and confidentiality in addition to remaining knowledgeable about our industry. When working with a licensed, certified matchmaker,
you’re entrusting your dating life into our hands. Here are a few reasons why working with a certified matchmaker is one of the best decisions you can make:

  • We’re Worthy Of Your Trust
    • All of your information and conversations with us are 100% confidential. We are not anything like online dating; your information is all offline.
  • Connected To Other Networks
    • When we became certified, we immediately gained access to an immense social whirlpool filled with people all around the world. 90% of the singles in our network don’t enjoy online dating, not only due to their hectic schedules, though because it simply doesn’t appeal to them. When working with a matchmaking company, you’re opened up to thousands of potential matches and Cinqe has the precise resources to find you a suitable match, not just a date.
  • Thoroughly Trained
    • There is only one official Matchmaking school in the world that is authorized to certify potential matchmakers and that is the Matchmaking Institute. We have to undergo professional, very detailed training in the following categories in order to be given formal certification:
  • We’re Held To High Standards
    • When you decide to become a certified matchmaker, you are held to a high moral standard and oath. There is a tight code in which we all have to be held accountable. Likewise with any professional industry, potential for conflict is a possibility and we each must remain fully committed to the Institute’s standards so as to not taint our industry with unprofessionalism nor unsatisfactory behavior.

What Do Paying Clients Get With A Membership?

We offer two options within our services: You can join our network (you complete a free profile and you will only be contacted if we believe you would be a great match with one of our paying clients), or you can apply to become a paying client in which you will receive the following:

  • Unlimited Dates
    • We only match you with singles we’ve thoroughly researched and interviewed to ensure that you will be meeting strictly with other singles who are worth your time and effort.
    • One at a time, we will send you matches for you to review and offer feedback on. Do not feel as though you need to say “yes” to every potential match we send you. Be a good balance of remaining open to our suggestions and confident in what you’re seeking in a partner.
    • Advice from our team on everything from:

How do I begin the process of becoming a client?

The most efficient way to begin the process of potentially becoming a client, or to simply inquire about services, is to email us at [email protected] and/or completing our free private profile on our website.

How much is your service?

There is no fee to join our private network.

To become a client, our fees can go up to $200,000+
A typical contract is between $35,000 – $125,000

For information on becoming a paying client who we actively match, email [email protected] to discuss our prices and services we offer.

What is your success rate?

If you listen to our guidance, we have a 100% success rate.

We Identify Your Dating Patterns

We started Cinqe back in 2012, and have based our company on our team’s extensive experience, relationship wisdom and our passion in leading people to happy, long-lasting relationships. During our weekly conversations, we identify your dating patterns in an effort to help you avoid repeating the same mistakes on future dates.

Is Feedback From Dates Truly Important?

In short, absolutely. We need to know the brutal truth about how your dates went (if you felt comfortable with your date, if there were more than a few awkward silences, what you thought at first sight, conversation, etc). Honesty is crucial as it helps us use your feedback to match you with someone more suitable. We will always be equally as honest with you, providing relevant details from your match’s feedback from your date as well. We all hate leaving a date thinking it was amazing and then never going on a second. To prevent this from happening, genuine candidate feedback is essential. Consider your matchmaker your “middle-man” and a trusted confidant who you can share authentic thoughts about your dates with.

We Know How To Get You To The First Date

Frequently with online dating, a majority of first dates don’t happen. Singles either get busy, pursue others, or neither party is willing to make the first move. Our team of certified high-end matchmakers are extremely experienced in getting that first date to not only happen but have a much higher chance of a positive outcome. We do this by scheduling your introductory calls with your match. No more missed calls and awkward texts to schedule a time to chat regarding your date. Our matchmakers make it seamless to get in touch with your match so you can share the planned details.

A few common questions frequently asked of our team of professionals:

  • How do you end the first date?
  • How do I get to the second date?
  • What do I text back?
  • Do I pick her up?
  • Should I really go on that date even though we do not appear to be a perfect match?
  • Should I kiss her?
  • What should I wear? (women & men)
  • How soon do I ask them out again following the first date?

When you choose to become a client with us, you have the counsel of three certified matchmakers to advise and navigate you through the landmines of today’s dating world.

Weekly Conversations

Another aspect of Cinqe that sets us apart from other matchmaking companies is our 24/7 availability and weekly chats. Weekly conversations are important because we take your worries, thoughts, and concerns to heart. We are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have, (ex. what to wear on a first date, what to say when you get nervous and blank, etc.), as well as to just be a friendly, comforting hand in navigating you through your dating life.

Where Is Your Office Located?

Although we have a mailing address in Orange County California and Boulder Colorado, we operate our company remotely. We set our meetings at locations that are easy to get to for all parties. We accept clients who live anywhere in the US, Canada and London.

What If I Want To Be Matched With Someone Who Lives In Another State Or Country?

Being certified by the Matchmaking Institute allows us to tap into a network of the most sought after matchmaker dating pool in the world. From dignitaries, to executives, to some of Forbes’ wealthiest billionaires, if you’re searching to date at the highest level, we can make that happen.

Who is your ideal client or member? What are you looking for?

We’re seeking successful singles with a healthy lifestyle who are actively looking for that quality connection.

Why Women Choose Us

Our women clients love the vivacious, supportive energy our team has. This is one of the main reasons why our women clients feel comfortable and at ease when speaking to us about their dates.

Why Men Choose Us

Many of our male clients have a bit of anxiety when it comes to meeting women, and that’s one of the prominent reasons why they choose Cinqe. They love that we’re available 24/7 for advice, guidance and to answer those tough questions.

Why Are The Contracts 6 Months Or Longer?

Our contracts are longer simply because finding love takes time. Scheduling matches specialized for you can take weeks and months. Our network is comprised of business individuals, and with busy individuals you get people who are busy with company projects, etc. Because of this, it may take us time to setup a date that works with your schedule. Some months, you may not even be available for a date. All of these factors weigh in to the length of your contract. We are not just here to find you a date; we are here to find you a relationship and we need to interview the best possible person!
We also understand that you are a busy bee as well, which means some months you may not be available for a date. Therefore, the lengthy time of your contact will be necessary.
Again, we do not aim to just send you out on dates; we take pride in ensuring that each individual client understands that we sincerely are here to find them true love that will last.

Do I need to submit professional photos only?

You definitely do not need professional photos for us, but we do ask to please not submit selfies or photos you take of yourself in front of a mirror. We understand it is not easy to get a recent photo of yourself. Please ask a friend to snap a quick photo of you next time you are dressed nicely. An even easier way to get a photo of yourself, if you have an iphone or ipad, is to place the iphone/ipad on a table and use the timer. Not sure where the timer function is on your phone/pad? Click here to watch this 20 second video on YouTube for instructions.

What happens when I submit the form?

Our Matchmakers become notified of a new submission. We are the only ones who see your contact form.

Is it safe to send you my personal photos?

We do not share your photographs until we receive your written consent and only after seeing a potential match.

How do I look at photos in your network?

After one of our matchmakers meet you, we will then show you some great possible matches within our Network.

Do you post my photos on your website or login area?

Your photos are never seen by anyone other than our matchmakers. We do not have a login page where you can browse through other member photographs; we specialize in personalized matchmaking.

After I submit my profile, can I view clients in your database?

We do not have a login page where you can browse through other member photographs; we specialize
in personalized matchmaking. The only time your profile is seen or shown to a client is after your written consent and after you’ve agreed they would be a potential match for you. This process is much more selective and your Matchmaker will send you a profile one at a time.

How do you vet the singles you are matching?

Our matchmakers do an,
-Extensive interview with your potential match (usually two(2) interviews),
-We do an in-depth google search,
-Add them on social media, and
-Do few other investigative searching techniques (which could include asking a common connection what they think about the individual),

Once we present you with your potential match, you are free to ask any questions about the individual. This is matchmaking at its finest.

Do you work with other matchmakers?

Yes, we connect with all Matchmakers. If you’re a new Matchmaker please feel free to connect with us directly at [email protected]
Since we do partner with most matchmakers in the US, if we see a client who fits your match, we will contact you to let you know we have someone in mind for you. This means we have not met that client, but will have their matchmaker contact you directly with more information.

I know a great girl/guy, how can I refer them to you?

We love referrals! Please feel free to send us an email so that we can contact them directly. We’ll handle it from there on!

I’ve signed up but haven’t heard anything from you. What gives!?

Sometimes deal breakers may be what is holding up your profile. We appreciate your honesty, but not everyone is a match for who we may have in our database at the moment.