August 25, 2016



What does Cinqe mean?

Cinqe is pronounced as “sync” which also carries the meaning of “five” in Italian. Just as we have 5 senses, we use the 5 C’s of a successful relationship to cinqe our clients together. Compatibility, Chemistry, Collaboration, Communication, Compassion are the 5 key elements we use to match our clients.

Where are we located?

We are currently accepting clients who live in Orange County, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Email us at [email protected] to see if you qualify for an in-person meeting with Katy, Melissa, or Erica. We are a very small team of Matchmakers, our clients are not handed off to staff once we decide to work together.

How do you match your paying clients?

Our matchmakers pair our paying clients with whoever they think will be the best match. Which means they could be paid clients, free members in our network, or even acquaintances of our matchmaker’s. Our pool of potential matches is extremely large.

We pre-screen all potential dates in-person to ensure they are aligned with our client’s values, beliefs, interests, and life goals. The result: less time wasted, better dates.

After each date, our matchmaker pow-wows with each party to learn what may have gone wrong, and provide pointers for future moves.

If you are living in Orange County, Los Angeles or the Bay area, contact us today to sit down with one of out matchmakers. We are a small company, which means you will not be working with any other staff but our matchmakers Melissa, Erica or Katy.

To contact Melissa, Erica, and Katy today, email us at [email protected] to schedule a phone call and an in-person meeting. At Cinqe Matchmaking, we work very similar to an executive search firm. We are a “Private Headhunter”, endlessly networking and recruiting for our clients, who deserve the best.




Danielle Hahn, OC Matchmaker



“I’ve always been a very natural connector and loved introducing people I knew to others within my social circle. My network was full of attractive, funny, single professionals who were just struggling to meet people. I typically jump full-force into things, and after taking on my first client, I decided to professionally begin matching people and never looked back.”

And the rest they say is history…or in Danielle’s case, the start of a unique, professional, and down-to-earth approach to finding love. “I can’t change the world. However, I can help add more love to the world,” Hahn says.

When she’s not leading others to fall head over heels, you can bet that this witty, vivacious, and highly-determined personality is looking for ways to better herself and, in turn, better the world around her. Whether it be discussing delicious recipes at her cookbook club, spending quality time in parks enjoying nature, or inspiring and encouraging women to pursue their own passions and entrepreneurships, Hahn’s energy for life is undoubtedly contagious. “I’m all about women supporting other women in all ways including professionally. There are so many talented, creative, business-smart females out there and I’m thankful to be part of a team that fully supports this.”

Erica Arrechea




Erica Arrechea began her matchmaking career with two powerful Los Angeles entrepreneurs in 2011. After several successes with this duo, she decided to challenge herself to find more clients to set up with her network. After receiving her certification at the Matchmaking Institute where she was trained by Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger herself, Arrechea founded in 2013. With the vision of cultivating a different kind of matchmaking service that was sexy, fun and brought people together organically thru events as well as personalized matchmaking introductions. “We are not a typical agency. We are focused on a powerful social media presence that resonates with our target audience and portrays our unique personality, love of first-class experiences and the general chic feel of our company.” We focus on building our network with events, referrals, partnerships and offering the best counsel to our private clients. Please join our network, meet us at our next event, or email me at [email protected] for more information on becoming a client.




Melissa Lapchuk
Orange County, Los Angeles




When Melissa Lapchuk first relocated to Newport Beach in 2002, she set out to study Psychology because she had an undeniable passion for helping others. Though she later fell in love with design and found her voice through her unique aesthetics, Melissa ultimately graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Interior Design. Throughout her career, her designs have garnered national attention and she now serves as a Director at Tanaka+Riley Architects. Her original passion for helping others led her to a career in matchmaking. On February 14, 2013 (a date fitting for a matchmaker!), she officially became a part of Matchmaking. Completing her certification from the Matchmaking Institute and being trained by Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger, Melissa’s caring personality and exuberance has earned her an incredibly extensive network within the OC and LA Metro areas, providing her with access to the most sought after, elite bachelors and bachelorettes.       “We at Cinqe focus on building our network with events and offering the best counsel to our private clients.”




Katy Clark

Katy Clark
Dating Coach & Matchmaker
Orange County




Katy Clark is going to be your new favorite dating coach. Her mixture of fun, positivity and real deal style dating has invigorated the old school standards with her new school style. She has improved the lives of thousands by giving her clients off the cuff and real life examples. Katy is setting new standards for dating and pushing the idea that curb appeal matters and that this is a journey you should have fun on! Her belief is that, “you attract what you are” and that with the right mindset you can attract positivity and love into your life. Katy’s positive attitude and work ethic have yielded her success her personal and professional life. After achieving her second degree from U.C. Irvine Katy began to work and study at a culinary school, ultimately her hard work paid off and after the initial success of her small catering company Katy opened a café in China where she served delicious and healthy meals to people from all walks of life. She also competed as a finalist on the Food Network Stars (Season 7) where she showcased her light and luscious point of view. With her talent for food, fitness and fashion Katy is a force to be reckoned with. Her book Seven Steps to Sexy and How to Get your Game Back will show you how you can achieve “the total package” you want to be and meet. Questions? You can reach Katy by email [email protected]

cierra loften

Cierra Loften
Client Relations

Cierra Loften: Born and raised in North Richland Hills, TX, Cierra is a funny, sweet, and intelligent young woman who loves horror movies, literature, and spending time with her mama and dog, Chanel. In between assisting Erica and the team, and majoring in Computer Science, Cierra can be found buying new books, shopping, or simply being a homebody. Being in her early twenties, she considers life to be a blank canvas waiting to be painted on. “To me, life is unexpected and full of surprises, good and bad. However, I truly believe that with a genuine heart and perseverance, anything is possible.” You can follow her on her book blog: Cierra’s Heart of Books




silvia youngberg

Silvia Youngberg
Online Director



Silvia Youngberg: I think that all women are strong and capable of being happy on their own and need to take control of their love lives. In my spare time I love to go on backpacking trips and spend time with my lovely family.

Silvia - Cinqe Matchmaking